Firearm Purchaser Licensing Teach-Out: The Background Check Policy Not Enough People Are Talking About


The best available evidence shows that comprehensive background checks by themselves are insufficient at reducing gun violence, but strong bodies of research demonstrate that states with comprehensive background checks coupled with firearm purchaser licensing, or permit-to-purchase laws, have significantly fewer firearm-involved homicides, fatal mass shootings, and suicides. Additionally, public opinion polling research consistently finds that 75% or more of U.S. adults support firearm purchaser licensing laws and 60% or more of gun owners support these policies.

This Teach-Out event includes a general overview of firearm licensing policies and evidence of their effectiveness, as well as materials on the social context of licensing, including public opinion polling and differences across geographic areas and groups.
Over the next four weeks, you are invited to join us as we explore this topic together through brief lessons, weekly discussions, and call-to-action activities for you to undertake in your own community.
We would also like to acknowledge our funders, the Johns Hopkins Center for Teaching and Learning and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Without their generous contributions, this Teach-Out would not be possible and we are so very grateful for their support.

What’s included