Foundations of Career Navigating and Coaching


This course is for those who are passionate about helping people find jobs aligned with their skills and interests so they can earn a living through fulfilling work. This first course in the Career Coach and Navigator Professional Certificate will provide foundational knowledge of the Career Navigator and Coach roles, and introduce relationship management and human-centered coaching and navigating.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
1. Explain the foundational concepts of Career Coaching and Navigating.
2. Familiarize clients with the Career Coaching and Navigation experience.
3. Discover career possibilities for Career Navigators and Career Coaches
4. Describe common Career Development theories, models, and tools.
5. Summarize Coaching Agreements and Career Service Plans.
6. Identify professional and ethical standards.
7. Describe human-centered approaches to Career Coaching and Navigating.
To be successful in this course, no prior experience with career coaching or navigation is required. You just need a passion to help people, along with basic computer skills (some knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and email).

What’s included