Foundations of Digital Consumer Search and Marketing


This course will develop your understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and how it transformed the marketing landscape.

By the end of this course, you will have developed your understanding of key topics such as:
the fundamentals of content marketing, digital consumer engagement, journey mapping, lifecycle and value proposition.
You will also have the opportunity to discuss topics such as digital consumer experience management, competitor benchmarking and creating a digital customer journey map with your peers.
Throughout the course, you will be prompted to consider how the topics relate to a company or brand of your choosing. You will be asked to analyse how successfully the company has implemented these topics and identify areas that can be improved.
In the end-of-course assignment, you will reflect on the key points from this course, and consider how they can be applied in a real-life context.

Completing this course will count towards your learning in the Digital Consumer Search and Marketing Specialization.

What’s included