Foundations of Marketing Practice for Non-Majors


This course is an introductory survey of marketing terminology, concepts and practices from an applied perspective. Emphasis is on the activities performed by marketing managers to address real world marketing problems. Primary emphasis is on the identification of marketing opportunities and the planning and execution of marketing mix activities required to target these opportunities.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
– Describe the scope of marketing and its role within in the firm and society.
– Articulate the scope of tasks, responsibilities and challenges that marketing managers face in the complex and competitive global business environments that currently prevail.
– Identify basic marketing terminology and concepts.
– Examine the marketing function as a basic and indispensable driver of all business success.
To succeed in this course, please be sure to read the entire module and watch the included videos. You will also need to rely on your critical thinking skills and should create a plan for completing the course.

What’s included