Foundations of Public Health Practice Specialization


This specialisation will enable you to reflect on and cultivate the behaviours you require to become an effective public health professional –whether as an academic, practitioner, clinician, manager or leader.The specialisation is shaped into four courses covering the origins of public health, health improvement, behaviour change, and health protection. The specialisation will draw upon learning from the Statistics for Public Health and Epidemiology for Public Health specialisations, and builds the foundations of public health knowledge.
By the end of this specialisation, you will be able to:
1. Use the principles which underpin public health as a discipline in order to articulate public health objectives;
2. Critically analyse public health challenges using data and health intelligence in order to characterise need and prioritise actions for key stakeholders
3. Devise effective interventions using behaviour change theory and other public health approaches in order to improve population health outcomes;
4. Assess both operational and strategic health protection threats in order to recommend appropriate management actions to relevant parties;
5. Reflect upon one’s own professional skills, attitudes, and behaviours in order to improve leadership capability and personal effectiveness in public healthpractice;
6. Apply appropriate health protection, health improvement and disease prevention interventions in order to improve public health programmes.

What’s included