Fundamentals of Accounting and Reporting


This course is for those interested in starting a career in bookkeeping. The course will help you learn and apply the basic concepts of computerized accounting using TallyPrime, fundamentals of accounting, book-keeping, day-to-day business transactions, creating charts of accounts, preparing and analyzing management information systems, and how to secure company data.

The course is enriched with numerous real business scenarios, screenshots, observations, solved illustrations, and practice scenarios to help you experience the simplicity and the power of technology of working on TallyPrime as you solve these real-life business scenarios.
You will gain skills in the intricacies of business operations and learn to handle such transactions in the daily work environment with ease.
By the end of the course, you will be able to:
– Explain and apply the fundamentals of accounting
– Use TallyPrime as an integrated business management software
– Create and maintain chart of accounts
– Record and maintain accounting transactions
– Describe and manage banking payments
– Generate and analyze financial statements
– Implement security control to protect data
– Backup and restore company data
No prior experience in bookkeeping is required, but you should have an interest and aptitude in working with numbers.

What you will learn

Fundamentals of Accounting

At the end of the module Fundamentals of Accounting, you will be able to, Define the Concept of Accounting, Explain the six phases of Accounting Cycles, Demonstrate the Golden Rules of Accounting, Define and explain Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, and Balance Sheet.

Introduction to TallyPrime

At the end of the module introduction to TallyPrime, You will be able to, Demonstrate the TallyPrime, Explain the features of TallyPrime, Download and Install TallyPrime, Use and Operate TallyPrime, Create Company and Set up Company Features in TallyPrime, Navigate within TallyPrime, Alter the company, Shut the company

Maintaining Chart of Accounts

At the end of the module Maintaing Chart of Accounts, You will be able to, Explain Chart of Accounts, Create Company Chart of Accounts, Create Accounting and Inventory Masters, Alter and Delete the Masters, Create the Multi-Masters and Display the Chart of Accounts

Recording and Maintaining Accounting Transactions

At the end of the module Recording and Maintaining Accounting Transactions, you will be able to, Record Day-to-Day Transactions in an actual business scenario and Generate the Financial reports in Tally

What’s included