Fundamentals of Color and Appearance


The Fundamentals of Color and Appearance is an interactive online course, where you will gain a solid foundation in color and appearance science. From the physics of color to lighting, spectrophotometers and color data, you will learn how to measure, view, and communicate color.

This class is designed for all industries and individuals who are quality control and assurance professionals, lab technicians, parts suppliers, manufacturing specifiers, designers and anyone who evaluates or approves color.

What you will learn

Course Introduction

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Color and Appearance! Created directly from X-Rite’s in-person seminar series, this course will provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of color and appearance.

Color Communication

When we describe color to another person, our mind creates a mental picture of the color we are trying to communicate. That person will formulate their own mental picture of that same color, which can lead to subjectivity, misunderstandings, and rework. In this first section, you will learn more about the impact of ineffective color communication and how individuals differ in their perceptions of color.

Visual Color

There are a number of other factors than can affect how we perceive color, such as background effects, color deficiencies, lighting, and even age. We will explore these in this next section, as well as learn about the history of visual color systems.

What is Color?

In the first two sections of this course we learned a lot about our eyes and tied everything together with a close look at the work done by Albert Munsell. We now know, beyond all doubt, that color is three-dimensional. In this next section, we will start to get a bit more scientific and learn about the three elements of color. Don’t worry, you will not need to learn the math; however, it is necessary that you understand the history that makes it possible to accurately and reliably measure color.

What’s included