Games, Sensors and Media


You will learn to make fluid digital interactive experiences that are suitable for gaming and use the advanced sensor hardware built into the iPhone and iPad. This includes drawing 2D graphics, playing sounds and music, integrating with Game Center, the iOS physics engine and detecting device orientation and location.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Use the reverse geocode service to convert latitude and longitude to location names
2. Implement GeoFences to make an app efficiently monitor an iOS device’s location
3. Leverage the power of accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes to orient a device in physical space
4. Create an app that responds to ambient light levels by using screen brightness as a proxy
5. Play sound effects and other media as audio
6. Make a game like Pong
7. Make a game like Breakout
8. Manipulate graphics in a game environment
9. Use the physics engine to create realistic game worlds
10. React to multi-touch events for complex interaction design
11. Detect and respond to collisions and contacts efficiently
12. Chain complex sequences of actions, animations and sounds with precision
13. Animate multi-frame sprites
14. Create particle systems to simulate fire, smoke and magic (and more!)
15. Interface with Game Center to create leaderboards and achievements that can be shared through social networks

What’s included