Getting Started with Azure


This course in an introduction to Microsoft Azure services. Students will gain familiarity with core Azure topics and practice implementation of infrastructure components.

What you will learn

Navigating Azure Tools and Services

Welcome to “Getting Started with Azure”. This course is designed to give you the skills needed to successfully manage Microsoft Azure resources.

Deploying Virtual Machines (VMs)

In this lesson you will be introduced to basic concepts of deploying virtual machines in Microsoft Azure.

Azure Network Security

Cloud security is an important topic. This lesson covers key concepts of security for Azure resources.

Deploying an Azure Network

Azure resources are frequently deployed with many related resources. You will be introduced to key considerations for deploying to an Azure Network.

Firewall Configurations and Resource Groups

This module introduces common firewall configuration activities. You will also learn the benefits of resource groups in Azure, how they are managed, their configuration settings, and common components.

What’s included