Global Procurement and Sourcing Specialization


We will start with a “proven” model for Strategic Sourcing, then move on to the very important topic of Supplier Management. In Supplier Management, you will learn how to select and evaluate suppliers, implement appropriate contracts, and how to mitigate risks. In Supply Market Analysis, you will learn and understand various tools and techniques to evaluate supply markets. Lastly, the course will cover the very important topic of negotiation. Outside reading will be provided to reinforce your knowledge. In addition, case studies will be used to bring these learning to life, and assessment will be used to test your overall knowledge.

In addition to the videos, readings, and podcast, learners will use their learned knowledge and newly acquired skills to solve/answer questions for “real” life cases. These cases are required and will be assessed by a Peer group. The last case in the Negotiation course, the student has an additional option to answer not only as a buyer but as a seller. That will bring more of a “real” life negotiation.

What’s included