GST – Claiming refunds and other concepts


In this course, you will learn about some other key concepts under GST. All taxpayers may not apply these concepts, but the concepts are nonetheless integral to the understanding and application of GST. You will first understand the concept of zero-rated supply and identify the different types of supplies that are taxable but have zero GST rate. Next, you will learn about refunds, their applicability, and the process of claiming GST refunds from tax authorities. Finally, you will learn about job work and the associated GST compliances.

This course provides a platform for learners planning to launch their careers in the field of GST-related compliance in India. Learners already undertaking GST compliances may also upskill themselves with the technical skills imparted under this course. This program is industry agnostic and is relevant for anyone looking to acquire basic knowledge of GST. It will provide you with the skills required for entry level jobs in the fields of finance, tax, or law.
By the end of this course, you will know:
– What is a zero-rated supply and the different types of supplies that are zero-rated
– The objective behind classifying some supplies as zero-rated supplies
– The types of refunds and various situations when a refund is allowed under the GST law in India
– The process of obtaining GST refund, computation of refunds, and the documents required
– The concept of job work, responsibilities of a job worker and the principal, and the compliances required to be undertaken.

What’s included