GST – Undertaking compliances


Similar to any other tax system, compliances form the backbone of GST. GST compliances are primarily two-fold: registration and return filing. In this course, you will learn when to obtain registration, where to obtain it ,and the procedure to obtain registration. Thereafter, you will learn about the different returns under GST and the process of filing such returns along with the details required to be furnished.

This course provides a platform for learners planning to launch their careers in the field of GST-related compliance in India. This program is industry agnostic and is relevant for anyone looking to acquire basic knowledge of GST. It will provide you with the skills required for entry level jobs in the fields of finance, tax, or law.
By the end of this course, you will learn about:
– When a person is required to obtain registration, where to obtain the registration, and the procedure to obtain registration under GST
– Various returns required to be furnished under the GST law and the need for different types of returns
– The manner of preparation of various GST returns, the details required to be reported in the returns, and the due dates for return filing.

What’s included

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