GST – when, where, who and how much?


In this course, you will build upon your knowledge on the concept of ‘supply’ covered in the first course.

Once a transaction is identified as ‘supply’, it is important to determine when, where and on whom GST will apply. Equally important is the computation of the value on which the GST is to be applied.
This course provides a platform for learners planning to launch their careers in tax or sharpen their skills with the technical understanding of GST law in India. This program is industry agnostic and is relevant for anyone looking to acquire basic knowledge of GST. It will provide you with the skills required for entry level jobs in the fields of finance, tax, or law.
By the end of this course, you will:
– Be able to identify where the supply should be taxed
– Know when GST needs to be paid
– Understand how much GST needs to be paid
– Understand who needs to pay the GST.

What’s included