Health Systems Development Specialization


This specialisation aims to expose students to, and engage them in, all-encompassing thinking of ‘health systems’ and the importance of a horizontal approach to health system investment to achieve better health outcomes. The specialisation also aims to provide insight into a range of disciplines including organisational behaviour, health policy, information systems and human resources in order to strengthen students’ capacities to think as effective health leaders.

By the end of this specialisation, students should be able to:1.Identify key components of a well-functioning health system and make recommendations for context specific interventions for health system reform;2.Critically compare different health system models in order to identify opportunities and challenges for health systems around the world;3.Assess the health impacts of policies, plans, and projects in order to make recommendations for decision makers to prevent disease and promote health;4.Apply a root cause analysis approach in order to diagnose service delivery specific bottlenecks;5.Critique strategies to mitigate global human-resources-for-health challenges in order to support evidence informed decision making for health system reform;6.Formulate recommendations for health system reform in order to develop context-specific interventions that fit population needs.

What’s included