How To Land the Job You Want (Capstone Project)


In the capstone project, you will combine the skills you’ve learned in the prior four courses of the specialization to polish your elevator speeches, complete your resumes – including multiple versions for different targets – complete your story file, identify possible jobs or careers, perform the research you have learned to do, write suitable cover letters, and ideally land a job!

You will:
1. Develop a personal marketing plan and campaign for getting interviews.
2. Identify at least three organizations with open positions for which you want to apply.
3. Research those organizations and positions.
4. Prepare pitch sheets and J.I.S.T. cards (mini-resumes) targeting those positions.
5. Complete your resume, and if necessary complete multiple versions to target each position.
6. Write appropriate cover letters for the positions.
7. Record and evaluate responses to a set of standard interview questions.
8. Record and evaluate responses to a set of predictable behavioral interview questions.
9. Record and evaluate a response to one situational interview question.
10. Record and evaluate a response to one wild-card question.
As the specialization has focused throughout on the real-world skills you need to research yourself, the market, and a company and has given you strategies and tools to prepare for and succeed in an interview, the capstone project should align with what you have been trained for and position you to land the job you want!

What you will learn


You get an overview of the capstone here, with a description of the milestones you’re asked to complete. You’ll have the chance to discuss your background, your goals, your concerns and your plans for this capstone.

Envisioning Your Future Self

In this module, you will develop a vision of your ideal work. That product of “the workshop of your mind” will serve to direct your activities throughout this capstone.

Developing Your Personal Marketing Plan

This week you’ll create your personal marketing plan to guide your job search campaign. You’ll be introduced to many online resources that you can use to help develop that plan. You’ll write an action plan describing what steps you will take to get meetings and interviews.

Building Your Pitch Repertoire

This week you develop your pitch repertoire based on selected positions from your marketing plan.Your pitch repertoire includes long and short elevator speeches for each position, as well as JIST cards.

What’s included