IBM Introduction to Machine Learning Specialization


Machine learning skills are becoming more and more essential in the modern job market. In 2019, Machine Learning Engineer was ranked as the #1 job in the United States, based on the incredible 344% growth of job openings in the field between 2015 to 2018, and the role’s average base salary of $146,085 (Indeed).
This four-course Specialization will help you gain the introductory skills to succeed in an in-demand career in machine learning and data science. After completing this program, you’ll be able to realize the potential of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence in different business scenarios. You’ll be able to identify when to use machine learning to explain certain behaviors and when to use it to predict future outcomes. You’ll also learn how to evaluate your machine learning models and to incorporate best practices.
By the end of this program, you will have developed concrete machine learning skills to apply in your workplace or career search, as well as a portfolio of projects demonstrating your proficiency. In addition to receiving a certificate from Coursera, you’ll also earn an IBM Badge to help you share your accomplishments with your network and potential employer.
You can also leverage the learning from the program to complete the remaining two courses of the six-course IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate and power a new career in the field of machine learning.

In this program, you’ll complete hands-on projects designed to develop your analytical and machine learning skills. You’ll also produce a summary of your insights from each project using data analysis skills, in a similar way as you would in a professional setting, including producing a final presentation to communicate insights to fellow machine learning practitioners, stakeholders, C-suite executives, and chief data officers.You are highly encouraged to compile your completed projects into an online portfolio that showcases the skills learned in this Specialization.

What’s included