Impact from Digital Transformation: Full course


This course is about what you can do when everything around you seems to be moving due to digital change. It is about how to handle the disruptive process that tends to unfold in the industry nowadays due to digitalisation.

The way to handle this is what is here referred to as ‘Digital Transformation’ and at the core of it, it is about understanding how the new business landscape is evolving and heading for a new position in that landscape.
It is about corporate strategy!

What you will learn

A glimpse on what´s to come

Welcome to our course Impact from Digital Transformation! Let’s begin with an introduction and take a look at the practical issues which are good to know about.

The Why, the How and the What of Digital Transformation

In order to understand Digital Transformation, we need to understand the disruptive process. But why does it happen, how does it happen – and what does actually happen?

A useful model for handling it

In order to be able to do Digital Transformation we need a target to head for. That target needs to be related to the evolving future industrial landscape – not the business landscape we do have today. So therefore, we need a new map to navigate upon and that map will be developed in this module.

Not just handling but doing Digital Transformation

When we have the new map of the future, we can set targets and take actions in order to get there. In this module we cover how to set a target and what actions matters.

What’s included