Implementing a Risk Management Framework


The ultimate destination for a security manager is the Chief Information Security Officer (or Chief Security Officer) a senior executive role responsible for all cybersecurity operations in the organization. But how do you get from entry-level IT or security employee to the CISO’s office and what do you need to know when you get there? This course examines the career path and requirements to be an effective CISO, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the position.

In this course, a learner will be able to:
● Identify the career development and path of a Cybersecurity professional from entry-level to CISO
● Define and describe the role and function of a CISO in planning for cybersecurity
● Identify the development of a cybersecurity governance program and the role the CISO would play in it
● Discuss the strategic responsibilities of the CISO in overseeing an organization’s cybersecurity program

What you will learn

Introduction to The Culminating Project (Capstone Course)

Learning objectives for the capstone project.

Case Project Assignment 1 of 5

Prepare and submit a case-based presentation to deliver the results of a proposal to implement a risk management framework suitable for the case organization.

Case Project Assignment 2 of 5

Identify the information assets to be included in the risk management effort.

Case Project Assignment 3 of 5

Identify threats to key information assets.

What’s included