Information​ ​Systems Specialization


This specialization provides a robust introduction to the key principles and practices of Information Systems Management.
The first course describes how Information Systems address business problems. This takes the form of an IT alignment model that describes how Information Systems provide capabilities that enable or support organizational strategy. This component also includes an economic analysis of the Information System.
The second course in the specialization entails the practice of modeling information systems. The goal of this course is to describe the Information System defined in the first course, so that the Information System can be developed.
The third course provides an overview of the capabilities of modern enterprise systems. The goal of this course is to understand the capabilities of enterprise systems, so that the firm can decide if the requirement identified in the second course can be met by an enterprise system. Managerial aspects related to the selection and implementation of enterprise systems will also be discussed.
The fourth course in the specialization describes the IT infrastructure choices available to a modern enterprise and the tradeoffs associated with each alternative. Any large Information System implementation is a significant organizational change initiative that requires careful stewardship.
All the courses will deal with the issue of change management and discuss strategies and approaches for achieving a successful implementation.

The course projects will enable a student to take a business problem, conceptualize an IT solution, define the specifications of the IT system, and evaluate enterprise system options or develop a custom solution, to address the business problem. In this way, the projects will provide a practical manifestation of the key learning outcomes by enabling a student to apply the core lessons from the four courses to solve a business problem.

What’s included

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