Intro to PowerPoint Course | 365 Financial Analyst

Learn the basics of PowerPoint and create professional presentations with this Intro to PowerPoint online course. Start now.


This Intro to PowerPoint course teaches you the basics of working with PowerPoint professionally. You’ll learn how the different tools in the program work. But more importantly, the course covers best practices practitioners should adhere to when creating PowerPoint presentations. Aligning objects properly, organizing your slides professionally, utilizing white space, and presentation delivery are just some of the critical skills you’ll acquire from these lessons.

Everyone in the workplace must know how to create stunning presentations that leave lasting impressions on team members and outside organizations. Financial analysts use PowerPoint to present their findings; investment bankers rely on it to pitch deals and deliver work to clients, and investment analysts depict investment opportunities and research through presentations.

If you’re a novice with PowerPoint and haven’t been taught to create a professional presentation, we recommend this course.

What You’ll Learn

This Intro to PowerPoint course covers the PowerPoint fundamentals needed before developing job presentations. You’ll learn to perform the following:

  • Employ basic and intermediate PowerPoint tools
  • Accelerate PowerPoint skills with shortcuts and the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Insert, format, resize, and align objects
  • Insert, format, and fit text in objects and text boxes
  • Create intro and outro presentation animations
  • Capitalize on best practices of experienced professionals

What’s included