Introduction to Acoustics (Part 2)


Learners might have learned the basic concepts of the acoustics from the ‘Introduction to Acoustics (Part 1).’ Now it is time to apply to the real situation and develop their own acoustical application. Learners will analyze the radiation, scattering, and diffraction phenomenon with the Kirchhoff –Helmholtz Equation. Then learners will design their own reverberation room or ducts that fulfill the condition they have set up.

What you will learn


You will be going to learn breathing sphere problem, then compare with the trembling sphere problem.

K-H Equation & Baffled Piston Problem

First, you will learn Kirchhoff-Helmholtz equation, then you will adapt into the baffled circular piston problem.


Using Kirchhoff-Helmholtz equation that you have learned last week, you will apply into diffraction and scattering problem.

What’s included