Introduction to Programming and Animation with Alice


This course is an introductory programming course that combines programming

with animation, using the programming environment Alice. You will first
learn to tell 3D animated stories by programming Aliceʼs 3D objects. In
particular you will learn how to set up a scene, to tell a story using
storyboarding, to move the camera, and how to move and rotate objects. You
will learn programming concepts such as writing your own instructions,
repetition, making decisions, and grouping similar objects together. In
the second half of the course you will learn how to combine the topics you
have learned with event programming to build 3D games you and your friends
can play.

What you will learn

Course Introduction
Producing Animated 3D Movies: Alice Basic Instructions

Welcome to week one! This week, you will learn….

Teaching Your Bunny to Hop: Procedures and Parameters
If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again: Decisions & Repetition

What’s included