Introduction to Programming with Python and Java Specialization


This Specialization starts out by teaching basic concepts in Python and ramps up to more complex subjects such as object-oriented programming and data structures in Java. By the time learners complete this series of four courses, they will be able to write fully-functional programs in both Python and Java, two of the most well-known and frequently used programming languages in the world today.
Introduction to Programming with Python and Java is for students and professionals who have minimal or no prior programming exposure. It’s for motivated learners who have experience with rigorous coursework, and are looking to gain a competitive edge in advancing their career. It’s for folks who are thinking about applying to the University of Pennsylvania’s online Master of Computer and Information Technology degree and want to sample some of the lecture videos and content from the first course in the program. We hope this Specialization is for you.
Topics in this Specialization include language syntax, style, programming techniques, and coding conventions. Learn about best practices and good code design, code testing and test-driven development, code debugging, code and program documentation, and computational thinking.

Learners will write fully-functional Python programs, including an implementation of an online banking system and a data analysis project analyzing movies and ratings from IMDB. Learners will apply Python programming, file I/O, data analysis and visualization, using both PyCharm and Jupyter Notebook.Learners will also write fully-functional Java programs, including a text file parser that reads, writes, and analyzes text files. Learners will apply Java programming, object-oriented principles, data structures, file I/O, unit testing, code debugging, using Eclipse.

What’s included