Leading StandOut® Teams Specialization


Currently we are only able to offer this certification program in North America. It will become available for the European Market within the next 90 days (about 3 months)and to additional countries over the next 12 months. If you are not in North America, please check back in. Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams! In this digital coaching experience consisting of eight individual courses, you will be guided through The Marcus Buckingham Company’s comprehensive strengths-based approach to leading a team.
We call Leading StandOut Teams a coaching experience quite intentionally, because it incorporates practical stories and examples drawn from our world-class coaches’ decades of real-world experience, as well as hands-on application of strengths-based coaching principles that will help you lead your team effectively.
This series is organized around the eight key needs that our research has revealed drive the engagement and performance of teams. Each course is centered on one of these eight needs:
1. Establishing Team Purpose
2. Setting Clear Expectations
3. Valuing Excellence
4. Putting Strengths to Work
5. Creating Trust and Support
6. Recognizing Team Members
7. Building Confidence in the Future
8. Growing Team Members
We are excited for you to encounter our coaching and build your personal toolkit that will help you start Leading StandOut Teams!

Enhance your leadership effectiveness by taking the Leading StandOut® Teams specialization! Throughout this digital coaching series, you will complete a collection of stories, tips and questions — each designed to develop your strengths-based leadership skills unleashing your team’s potential. Throughout each course, you will apply the concepts learned by completing coaching activities that vary in complexity. This self-paced, guided practice will help you internalize Leading StandOut Teams ideas and processes.
Coaching activities build up to peer-review assignments that you will complete after courses four and eight — the midway and end points in the series. For these assignments, you and your fellow learners will grade each other’s work. Once you complete all eight courses, you can take the optional certification exam.
The Leading StandOut Teams Certification costs $949. To complete the certification, follow the instructions in Coursera at the end of the self-study series.

What’s included