Leading the Modern Day Business Specialization


The modern day business is a dynamic enterprise, and leading it now needs a conglomerate of essential skills, ranging from design thinking and digital transformation, to product management and IT.
This specialization covers these essential skills and concepts, and what they mean for companies and businesses. It starts with digital transformation, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and led by top-ranked Darden faculty and Boston Consulting Group global management experts. It then introduces design thinking, which provides you with the tools to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities at every level in every kind of organization.
The specialization then switches gears into what it takes to become a product person in today’s digital age, which is a different game relative to what product management used to be. Finally, since now more than ever, companies are investing heavily in IT, the last part of this specialization will cover major challenges within corporate IT, and how to address them with the disciplined use of design thinking.

Learners will go from utilizing the BCG digital transformation framework, to create the actionable focus to successfully manage your product to rapidly prototyping strategically-aligned processes for implementation within your IT infrastructure. Specifically, you will learn how to iteratively prototype and test solutions to make sure not just that they don’t break, but that they deliver superior outcomes, as well as step through customer discovery, idea testing/validation, early development, and business model design.

What’s included