Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish Vocabulary Specialization


¿Habla usted español? Spanish is the second most spoken language on earth, second only to Mandarin, and growing in use every day. This specialization is designed for the beginner who may have no experience with learning a second language but who wants to be able to read, write and speak Spanish for personal, travel or business use, or who just wants to learn a second language and build cultural awareness. The topical approach of each course allows learners to develop sets of vocabularies that will form the foundation for a broad understanding of the language. Learners will start with the basics, including common expressions, pronunciation and grammar, and work toward building a functional vocabulary of the 1500 most commonly used Spanish words. The specialization includes 4 courses that progressively build on the skills learned previously, and culminates in a project that allows learners to apply their knowledge and language skills.

Learners will demonstrate the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills learned in each course through a short written piece and an oral presentation to be graded by their peers.At the conclusion of the Specialization, learners will prepare a written travel plan that will take you to a pre- or post- Columbian Spanish speaking nation for an extended period of time for either business or pleasure travel.

What’s included