Learning to Unlearn: A Revolutionary Way to Disrupt Bias

Discover insights and practical strategies to start disrupting harmful biases and create more inclusive workplaces.


Course description

Reflecting on your own personal biases is necessary, but far from easy. In this course, instructor Natasha Bowman outlines a practical, easy-to-use framework to help you get started reflecting on your biases to disrupt harmful biases in meaningful and measurable ways.

Explore the possibilities as well as the limits of unlearning and unconscious bias training, as Natasha provides an overview of the seven-part UNLEARN framework. Learn how to unravel biased assumptions, notice biases and other harmful behaviors, let go of limiting beliefs, embrace new perspectives, self-reflect, practice empathy, and nurture a growth-centered mindset. Upon completing this course, you’ll be prepared to continue unlearning and cultivate inclusive leadership excellence.

What’s included