Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship Specialization


By its nature, the law touches on many aspects of entrepreneurship, making it an applicable and versatile topic of study. For aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s important to understand how to form the business, work with the initial customers, and hire. For active entrepreneurs, there are critical considerations on employment law, operating policies, and managing contracts. For everyone, the role that the law plays in managing the company, and its associated risks, must be properly understood to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. With the aspiring and active entrepreneur in mind, this Specialization focuses on the foundational elements of law with initial attention to business formation and organization. Our second course focuses on intellectual property, and how patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets can influence or impede your success. The final course focuses on contracts and financing arrangements important to business creation and growth. In every course, learners examine real-world scenarios and address legal and business issues in a practical manner. Learners will develop an understanding of what legal activities they may pursue on their own as well as when and how to select and work with an attorney.

Learners will develop projects in each course to apply their knowledge of new venture formation, intellectual property management, and contracts and financing arrangements. These projects may be applied in real-world contexts for learners that are actively developing or managing a new venture.

What’s included