Low Intermediate English: Shopping & Customer Service


In this course, you will learn important language to describe how you shop, review what you’ve bought, and assist customers. Learning activities in this course will take place on Voxy, an engaging language learning platform that automatically adapts to your current level and your performance across reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills so that every lesson is optimized for rapid improvement.

Each week is made up of engaging, short, task-based lessons that can be done anywhere, anytime. Lessons include content from the real world, so you will learn from real conversations and emails between customers and colleagues asking questions and giving opinions about shopping. By the end of the course, you will be able to discuss just about any kind of shopping experience.

What you will learn

Course Introduction & Voxy Orientation

This week, you will learn about this course and understand how to use Voxy’s innovative platform.

Going Shopping

This week, you will describe where, when, why, and how you shop the way you do.


This week, you will share your opinions on what to buy and where to buy it in the form of business and product reviews.

Contacting Customer Service

This week, you will look at how to use phone calls and emails to provide customers with both general and specific information and resolve their problems.

What’s included