Management Foundations in the Hospitality Industry


This course is an introduction to motivation, leadership, communications, decision making, and leading people through effective management of human resources (HR), ethics, social responsibility, and managing consumer experiences in the hospitality industry by examining service-driven management foundations.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Understand how HR departments analyze resource allocation for jobs and the factors which influence job design.
2. Understand how HR departments determine the most effective methods of recruiting talent.
3. Identify and implement best practices when it comes to interviewing candidates.
4. Appreciate the importance of a well-designed employee training and socialization program.
5. Understand the importance of performance appraisals and how they can be used to guide professionals on promotion, termination, and liability avoidance.
6. Understand how an organization can avoid legal liability for “negligent hiring.”
All required readings are delivered in the course modules. These include external links, articles, graphics, and videos.
The course is comprised of the following elements:
• Topic videos: In each module, the concepts you need to know will be presented in short introductory videos. You may stream these videos for playback within the browser by clicking on their titles or downloading the videos
• Discussions: This course provides activity guides as you progress through each lesson.
• Quizzes: You will have practice quizzes throughout the course to check for understanding.

What’s included