Managing Network Security


Almost every organization uses computer networks to share their information and to support their business operations. When we allow network access to data it is exposed to threats from inside and outside of the organization. This course examines the threats associated with using internal and external networks and how to manage the protection of information when it’s accessible via networks.

In this course, a learner will be able to:
● Describe the threats to data from information communication technology (ICT)
● Identify the issues and practices associated with managing network security
● Identify the practices, tools, and methodologies associated with assessing network security
● Describe the components of an effective network security program

What you will learn

Welcome to the course Managing Network Security (Course 3)

This is an overview of the learning objectives for the course.

Introduction to Networking (Module 3.1)

Learning objectives for the module.

Cybersecurity Technology Administration (Module 3.2)

Learning objectives for the module on Cybersecurity Technology Administration

Wireless and Cloud Networks (Module 3.3)

Learning objectives for Wireless and Cloud Networks

What’s included