Marketing with TikTok Specialization


This program is for anyone asking, “Is TikTok right for my business?” In the first course, Understanding TikTok and Its Users, you’ll be introduced to the TikTok platform, including who’s on it and what they’re creating. Then in the second course, Marketing on TikTok, you’ll learn how businesses use TikTok, how they tailor content to the platform, and how they find an audience. In the final course, Advertising and E-commerce on TikTok, you’ll learn how to create a marketing strategy for TikTok, how to create advertising campaigns, how to promote and sell products via organic and e-commerce channels like Shopify, and how to use analytics to inform future marketing strategies. Throughout the program, you will have the chance to create your own videos, as well as engage with what other businesses are doing by studying various TikTok accounts in order to get inspiration and insight for your own future interactions with TikTok.
By the end of this program, you will be able to:
Create fun and engaging TikTok videos Understand how TikTok fits into your business’s marketing strategy Articulate how a number of different businesses use TikTok Create original content using hashtags, trends, filters, and more Build and maintain a brand presence on TikTok Create a content calendar Utilize TikTok Ads Manager to create and execute a campaign Set up e-commerce integration into your TikTok account Analyze data from your efforts to inform your future content strategy

Learners will practice creating advertisements on TikTok through guided simulations. These simulations recreate the TikTok advertising platform and allow learners to engage with the platform in a practice environment before creating ads with their own accounts.

What’s included