Master of Engineering in Engineering Management | University of Colorado Boulder


This management degree program is ideal for anyone eager to grow their management careers in the dynamic engineering and technical sector.

Whether you are a skilled engineer who wants to advance into high-impact management roles or a management professional looking to lead high-performing technical teams, you can earn your engineering management degree from one of the world’s top institutions (US News, 2023) and gain a vital leadership education built upon a concrete foundation of in-demand applied skills.

Courses are taught by faculty with significant industry experience whose core commitment is to ensure real-world, job-relevant applicability. As you advance through the program, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive curriculum comprising everything from leadership, finance, project management, communication, and strategic planning to marketing, innovation management, and engineering ethics.

With a stated goal of “translating engineering into business,” the program is anchored in the belief that engineering management is more than just engineering leadership; it is about developing a comprehensive and holistic range of real-world competencies. This uniquely career-centric approach will help you prepare to make an immediate impact at your organization.

Pursue high-impact management opportunities to lead technical teams

The Master of Engineering in Engineering Management degree brings together engineering and management disciplines to deliver a program simultaneously optimized for engineers who are preparing to ascend to management and leadership roles and current managers and leaders who are preparing to take on greater responsibilities for leading technical teams. The program’s emphasis on job-relevant learning—and the inclusion of industry case studies, data sets, and projects—ensures that you build essential workplace skills.

Access a top-quality degree regardless of your academic background

Gain acceptance into the Master of Engineering in Engineering Management program regardless of your background or experience level. Enroll in and complete one of two available performance pathways on Coursera with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 and you will be accepted—even if you do not possess a bachelor’s degree. Read more about the process here.

Learn from visionary leaders, industry experts, and accomplished executives

CU Engineering is among the top 25 best engineering schools in the nation, and CU Boulder is an R1 research institution. ME-EM faculty are engineers with extensive experience in a broad range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and renewable energy. They have taken early-stage R&D initiatives and grew them into successful business ventures. They led multi-million dollar product development projects, high-volume manufacturing operations, and complex space programs spanning many industries and governmental organizations. They held senior leadership positions in Fortune 100 companies and high-tech startups alike, as Product Directors, Operations Managers, Project Managers and Corporate Vice-Presidents.

What’s included