Mobile Marketing, Optimization Tactics, and Analytics


Welcome to Course 3 of the E-Marketing Specialization: Mobile Marketing Optimization Tactics, and Analytics. Our final course will start with an introduction to mobile marketing. The remaining modules will provide you with the knowledge needed to increase sales, boost engagement, and interpret website analytics. This course will culminate in a peer-reviewed activity, in which you will have the opportunity to apply all the skills you have learned throughout the previous courses in this series.

You are highly encouraged to use this course experience to begin building a digital marketing plan for your current or future business. The activities in this course are all designed to guide you through different sections of a digital marketing plan.
Our learning goals for this course are to:
– Identify the elements of a mobile marketing strategy and examine the various considerations associated with choosing a mobile platform
– Explore the various methods to enhance a mobile experience
– Analyze and optimize marketing efforts to improve business outcomes
– Develop a digital marketing plan designed to meet your goals and objectives

What’s included