Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Specialization


This Specialization is intended for students and engineers seeking to advance skills in the analysis, modeling, and design of high-performance control loops around switched-mode dc-dc, ac-dc and dc-ac power converters. Through five courses, you will cover averaged-switch modeling and simulation techniques, techniques of design-oriented analysis, input filter design, peak and average current-mode control techniques, as well as modeling and control of single-phase power factor correction rectifiers, and inverters for photovoltaic power systems.

Learners will start with supplied Spice simulation examples to design and verify their own high-performance closed-loop controlled dc-dc converters, ac-dc power-factor correction rectifiers, and photovoltaic dc-ac inverters. The final course in the Specialization includes a peer-graded project where learners design and test control loops in a complete 5 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) power system including a maximum power point tracking boost converter and a single-phase grid-tied inverter.

What’s included