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In 1994, the HKUST University Council established “The Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching” to commemorate the late Founding Council Member, Mr Michael G. Gale, for his distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the development of the University.

Every year, the Medal is awarded to a member of the academic staff who best exemplifies continued pursuit of excellence, devotion to teaching, and the ability to inspire and motivate others. The recipient is representative of the high quality of teaching and learning that the University offers and promotes.
This course aims to showcase our students’ favorite lectures conducted by their favorite teachers who are also the Medalists. Each speaker would share with the learners his/her teaching philosophy which is vividly illustrated in the module. The course contains four modules and in each we will feature one HKUST Michael G. Gale Medal recipient.
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Please note that this course DOES NOT offer a course certificate.

What you will learn

Course Overview

This module will give you a quick overview of the course and how you will be assessed in this course.

Creative Sound Design (By Prof. Andrew Horner)

The first module is contributed by Prof. Andrew Horner, 2001 recipient of HKUST Michael G. Gale Medal. Prof. Horner is one of the advocators of the Experiential Learning approach at HKUST. Throughout his course, he gave students impossible missions with tips and tricks to challenge their brains and develop their creativity. You will see how his missions were interpreted and transformed by his students into creative work with all the bells and whistles!

Life is a Deterministic Process (By Prof. King L. Chow)

The second module is contributed by Prof. King Chow, 2005 recipient of HKUST Michael G. Gale Medal. There has been an old saying that “We are endowed with certain talent and weakness, and everything seems to predetermined as our fate.” With the advancement of biological research, genomics and genetics, there are loads of examples illustrating that our genetic composition dictates who we are to a large extent. But, how large? In this lecture, Prof. Chow will go through some of these examples revealing how much it is truth, and how much it is just a myth with the audience. With a better understanding of the human biology as scientific facts, we hope you would no longer feel haunted by your fate, and would appreciate how much you can change your life by choice and by luck.

Do Chinese have Romantic Love? (By Prof. Michelle Yik)

The third module is contributed by Prof. Michelle Yik, 2010 recipient of HKUST Michael G. Gale Medal. If you wish to learn about whether Chinese have romantic love but are not sure where to kick off that journey, this is a romantic module for you.

What’s included