Natural Creativity


Natural Creativity is about understanding and harnessing human creativity. In this course, you will investigate the latest theories of human creativity, its history and evolution, and how AI research is helping us understand it more fully. You will gain a deeper awareness of your creative processes and inspirations through these diverse perspectives. As you advance through the course, you will add to your creative toolkit by exploring different methods for design research and applying them to various business scenarios and frameworks. Then, in the course project, you will practice using the techniques and theories you learned to gain deep insights into how people are creative in your local context.

What you will learn

Unpacking Creativity

In this module, you will learn what to expect throughout this course, explore the potential and limitations of machine creativity, and start your design research.

Creativity Over Time

In this module, you will experiment with new creative tools and use design research methods to identify people who are impacted by your project.

Theoretical Concepts and Frameworks Around Creativity

In this module, you will examine theoretical concepts and frameworks around creativity, experiment with AI-enabled creative environments, and apply your learning to a design research method.

Exploring Perceptions of Beautiful vs. Meaningful

In this module, you will explore the AI systems that engage in musical artifacts and understand the iterations in regard to design research.

What’s included