Omnichannel Retail Strategy Specialization


This Specialization provides learners with insight about operating in a transformed retail industry. You’ll learn how to navigate the disruption in retail marketing caused by COVID-19 and to develop a framework to create a competitive strategy that focuses on a new customer-centric approach to marketing. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of human capital management, with a focus on the retail industry, and do a deep dive into some of the practices that drive organizational success. Finally, you will review supply chain fundamentals, concentrating on the impact that the digital transformation has had on the retail industry. In utilizing meaningful retail analytics, you will learn how to generate value for retailers and their supply chains.
By the end of this Specialization, you will be able to form a strategy for selling your organization’s retail product while retaining internal talent and adopting a forward-thinking and iterative approach to maintaining success in the future.

Each course module in this Specialization culminates in an assessment. These assessments are designed to check learners’ knowledge and to provide an opportunity for learners to apply course concepts such.The assessments will be cumulative and cover the application of marketing, talent management, competitive strategy, traditional and digital supply chain, and analytics in order to develop and maintain a successful retail organization.

What’s included