Overview of Connected Planning


Connected Planning is a technology-enabled approach to business planning that transforms the way organizations use their data, people, and plans. Decision makers, and ultimately the entire organization, plan and pivot with confidence when faced with changes, whether in an organization, the marketplace, or even the global economy.

From this Introduction to Connected Planning, you’ll understand its history in business modeling and scenario planning, the trends that make it essential to business success today, and the measurable impact that Connected Planning has had on organizations.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:
• Describe the key characteristics of Connected Planning
• Understand the history of Connected Planning and its roots in business modeling and scenario planning
• Explain why current events and trends are leading many organizations to adopt Connected Planning
• Articulate the benefits of Connected Planning
This course is presented by Anaplan, provider of a leading technology platform that is purpose-built for Connected Planning.

What’s included