Patient Perspectives on Medications: Qualitative Interviews


This course teaches you how to explore the patient perspective on medicines using qualitative interviews. You will learn how to design, conduct and analyse data in a small interview study. The course is related to the course Understanding Patient Perspectives on Medications, but each course can be taken separately.

Please note! In this course you will carry out a small qualitative interview study and to get the most out of this endeavour, we highly recommend that you engage in the discussions: share your thoughts and experiences – and respond to the reflections and questions of your peers.
The course is created by Susanne Kaae, Lourdes Cantarero-Arevalo, Katja Taxis, Anne Gerd Granas, Anna Birna Almarsdóttir, Lotte S. Nørgaard, Sofia K. Sporrong, Johanne M. Hansen, Martin C. Henman, Solveig N. Jacobsen and Ramune Jacobsen.

What’s included