Player Evaluation, Team Performance and Roster Management


This course will provide students with an introduction to using specific data techniques to address key sports administrative functions in team and roster management. The primary focus is on the use of data analysis in player acquisition and retention, as well as player and coach assessment. Students will learn how the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and standard player contract (SPC) provide the framework for management decisions in which data analysis play a pivotal role.

There is a focus on data science techniques as applied to sports datasets. Students will interpret outcomes of data analysis within the context of a sports calendar; identify provisions of the CBA and SPC; and gain an understanding of how the provisions impact decisions on team and roster management.

What you will learn

Management’s Critical Dates 12-month Calendar Overview & Downloading RStudio

This module will cover the significance of each segment of a full-year sports calendar, including critical dates and key management activities in each part of the calendar.

Training Camp and Roster Building

This module covers pre-season to early season activities, including drafting, reserve and depth chart analysis and the importance of player contracts. It also introduces the basics of linear algebra.

Scouting, Roster Evaluation and Preparing for the Trade Deadline

This section focuses on the impacts of CBA & SPC on roster decisions. In addition, it reviews the rules and regulations management follows when making roster/team changes and how clustering is used as a data analytics tool.

The Entry Draft, Free Agency & Assessing the Future

The focus of this section is on activities occurring in the spring, including the entry draft, free agency and considering the future state of an athletic team.

What’s included