Precalculus through Data and Modelling Specialization


This specialization helps to build the foundational material to use mathematics as a tool to model, understand, and interpret the world around us. This is done through studying functions, their properties, and applications to data analysis. Concepts of precalculus provide the set of tools for the learner to begin their scientific career, preparing them for future science and calculus courses.
This specialization is designed for all learners, not just those interested in further mathematics courses. Those interested in the natural sciences, computer sciences, psychology, sociology, or similar will genuinely benefit from this introductory course, applying the skills learned to their discipline to analyze and interpret their subject material.
Learners will be presented with not only new ideas, but also new applications of an old subject. Real-life data, exercise sets, and regular assessments help to motivate and reinforce the content in this course, leading to learning and mastery.

In each module, learners will be provided with solved sample problems that they can use to build their skills and confidence followed by graded quizzes to demonstrate what they’ve learned. Finally, each course in the specialization concludes with a final exam that learners can use to demonstrate their mastery of the material.

What’s included