Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Network Engineer Professional Certificate


87% of Google Cloud certified users feel more confident in their cloud skills*. This program provides the skills you need to advance your career as a network engineer and provides training to support your preparation for the industry-recognized Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer certification.
You’ll also have the opportunity to practice key job skills using Google Cloud to build networks, implement VPCs, configure network services, and implement hybrid interconnectivity among other things.
Your journey to Google Cloud certification –
1) Complete the Coursera Google Cloud Networking Professional Certificate
2) Review other recommended learning resources for the Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer exam
3) Review the Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer exam guide.
4) Review the Professional Cloud Network Engineer sample questions
5) Register for the Google Cloud certification exam (Can be taken remotely or at a test center)
* Percentages indicate those who strongly or somewhat agree with the statement. Findings from a survey conducted with Google Cloud certified individuals in May 2019 by an independent third-party research organization.

Learners will work with VPC networks that span multiple zones and multiple regions. They will use open source tools to gather network information, including latency, connectivity, and traffic. They will use this information to determine where network performance can be improved. They will build a minimal web application with Google App Engine and then explore various ways to use Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) to restrict application access and provide user identity information to it. They create different types of load balancers and see how they can improve network performance. Finally, they will build and test a high-throughput VPN, between a simulated VPC and on-premises network environment. This will include building VPN gateways and a tunnel between the two networks.

What’s included