PwC GST Taxation Executive Professional Certificate


Want to start a new career as a GST professional in India or want to enhance your GST knowledge as an accountant or Tax executive? Goods and Services Tax(GST) specialists are in high demand as companies seek individuals with expertise to help them implement and comply with this landmark tax reform. They are responsible for preparing and filing tax returns, preparing payments, identifying tax savings, and analyzing tax issues.
Designed by PwC India, this program will help you gain in-demand skills in the field of GST. You’ll learn about India’s GST landscape and fundamentals, understand GST compliances, how and when to apply GST, and how to undertake GST compliances and file returns. You’ll gain practical knowledge of GST and apply your new skills to real world scenarios by examining actual transactions and case studies.
Upon completion, you will earn a Professional Certificate from PwC India and will have job-ready skills for entry level GST jobs in India. This is an industry-agnostic program relevant to anyone looking to acquire basic knowledge of India GST.
Learners can sharpen their skills in specific GST areas such as technical aspects, compliances, and tax dispute resolution.
To be successful, it will be helpful to be familiar with basic Excel, basic arithmetic formulas, and the concepts of purchase, sale, receipts, and payments.
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In this professional certificate, you will practice on 5+ real-life scenarios that will connect the concepts you learn to real-world transactions. Specific case studies have also been included in videos and practice assessments to help you understand the practical aspects to perform critical activities as a GST professional.

What’s included