Question Reality! Science, philosophy, a search for meaning Specialization


How much can we know of the physical world? Can we know everything? Or are there fundamental limits to how much we can explain? If there are limits, to what extent can we explain the nature of physical reality? RealityX investigates the limits of knowledge and what we can and cannot know of the world and ourselves.
We will trace the evolution of ideas about the nature of reality in philosophy and the natural sciences through the ages. Starting with the philosophers of Ancient Greece and ending with cutting edge theories about the universe, quantum physics, and the nature of consciousness.
Join world-renowned physicist and author Marcelo Gleiser and leading experts as we explore how philosophers and physicists from Plato to Einstein and many others have attempted to explain the nature of the world and of reality.

Learners are invited to reflect on the ideas and evidence presented in lectures and readings through course discussions and individual writing prompts. Additionally, learners are prompted to discuss their learning journey with friends or family members as a means of reflection and synthesis.

What’s included