Real-World Product Management Specialization


Learn product management using the same curriculum as Amazon and Google PMs! Gain insights to impress on your first (or next) product manager (PM) role.
Lead instructor Nancy Wang, Director and General Manager of Data Protection Services at Amazon Web Services, and former Rubrik and Google PM leader shares the key business, technical, design, and leadership skills necessary for success at PM roles at the world’s top technology companies. These skills will serve you throughout your career.
Learn the most desired product management skills from 20 product leaders at Amazon, Google/Alphabet, Facebook/Instagram, and Silicon Valley startups. View the full list of our industry leading teaching talent in our course descriptions below!
Ready to interview? We dedicate 30% of this Specialization to teaching how to impress during your next interview and role. Learn how to systematically attack each type of product management interview question. Watch two live PM interviews (one Google, one Amazon) with real-time feedback and practice your interview skills with hundreds of real PM interview questions asked by Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft! This program is ACE® approved—when you complete, you can earn up to 6 college credits.

Bring your own product or idea as we:1. Map your customer personas and journeys2. Involve non-buyers to influence buyers3. Apply Bain’s elements of value4. Draft PRDs and PRFAQs 5. Size your product market using TAM, SAM, and SOM6. Perform competitive analyses7. Draft your product vision, roadmap, and backlog8. Draft Google-style OKRs9. Design an A/B test10. Calculate NPS, CSAT, and CES11. Addict your customers across your product journey12. Price your product13. Research competitors’ LTV14. Analyze financial statements15. Lead with designers & engineers16. Answer real technical PM interview questions17. Practice real behavioral, product design, strategy, data analysis, and estimation PM interview questions.(Facebook calls the question types above leadership & drive, product sense, and execution — you’ll practice those too!)18. Resist your proxies19. Realign your metrics with your product visionAnd more!

What’s included