Regulatory Compliance Specialization


Every organization faces a myriad of risks that can threaten its operations, reputation, and bottom line. A robust, effective compliance program can make the difference between companies that successfully navigate those risks, and those that become cautionary tales.
This specialization will introduce the essential elements of effective organizational compliance by exploring the concepts, considerations, and strategies for assessing risks and managing the compliance function. You will learn the fundamental principles of effective compliance, the components of an effective compliance program and their applications, and then closely examine two of the most important areas of compliance in today’s business climate: privacy compliance, and anti-corruption. The insights from this program will be applicable to a wide range of different types of organizations, from private companies to non-profits.

Over the course of this specialization, you will learn how to complete a risk profile of your company or organization, and learn the necessary strategies and features to ensure your compliance program addresses your organization’s specific risk profile. In the privacy context, you will also learn how to apply Fair Information Principles to address compliance risk in the world of data protection. Finally, you will learn strategies to combat both internal corruption and possible corruption on the part of third-party vendors, and how to address violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

What’s included

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