Renewable Energy: Fundamentals and Job Opportunities


This course prepares you to recognize the complexities and nuances of different renewable energy solutions, as well as relevant career opportunities (both technical occupations and roles not typically associated with clean energy). Learners are immersed in discussions about green energy technologies, the impact of sustainability on society, energy consumption in the United States and conservation. Topics include: tenets of green building design and construction, solar energy conversion through photovoltaic cells, wind turbine site selection and design, and nanotechnology applications in clean energy. It references educational opportunities from the State University of New York (SUNY) system that correlate with each clean energy market segment.

The course is suitable for anyone interested in entering the renewable energy field, whether fresh to the workforce or switching industries. Material encompasses online lectures, videos, demos, readings and discussions. Learners will create a career roadmap, whereby they define a job that interests them, conduct a gap assessment to determine additional education/training/skills they need, and document a pathway to their ideal renewable energy career.

What you will learn

Clean Energy 101

This module provides a foundation for the course, covering energy consumption and conservation, the importance of renewable energy, and pathways to careers in renewable energy.


Learners will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of sustainability, why sustainability matters, and career opportunities in the field.

Green Building

Learners will develop an understanding of the value of green buildings, fundamental green building principles, and common rating systems.

Solar Energy

Learners will consider the benefits and limitations of solar energy, and gain an understanding of solar energy careers and educational opportunities.

What’s included