Reputation Crisis? Facebook meets Cambridge Analytica


Do you remember when you first created your Facebook account? Do you know what happens to the data and stories you share on Facebook? Are you aware of the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica crisis and its ramifications?

In this course, you will take a deep dive into reputation management by tackling a case study on the crisis, the effects of which are still unravelling for Facebook, the tech industry, and society at large. You will explore the concept of corporate reputation, and touch upon topics such as data privacy implications for the big tech or the importance of leadership and culture, and how Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership might have affected Facebook in particular. In the final project, you will be asked to link theory and practice to provide an analysis of events and make recommendations for Facebook, going forward.
This 6-module course has a study time of about 20 hours. It is recommended for anyone studying communication or management, practitioners interested in crisis and reputation management, or anyone with an interest in case learning that explores real-life business challenges. Each week, you will be introduced to engaging content, such as videos, quizzes, discussion forum, and academic readings, and be encouraged to apply learned knowledge to the case. The final module – the capstone project – is assessed by peer review.
Broaden your knowledge of reputation and crisis management, and hone your critical decision-making skills. Are you ready to look beyond Facebook, and draw lessons from it that can be applied in many other situations? Register now!
• Analyse the challenges of reputation management in the digital age
• Examine the role of leadership and corporate culture in reputation management
• Understand the role and relevance of counter-institutional mechanisms, such as whistleblowing, to check corporate power and influence
• Examine the interaction and nexus of politics and business and their ethical and societal consequences
• Understand the wider scope of corporate responsibilities in business organisations
• Analyse how large tech companies manage or reconcile the paradox between commercial and societal interests

What’s included

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