Responsible Conduct of Research


As a PhD student in academia, there are difficulties you may encounter in the area of integrity, such as power relations and issues around social safety, authorship, intellectual property, and ensuring academic quality. How can you properly determine the order of authorship? In what way can social safety be improved? How do others deal with integrity issues?

We have developed the MOOC “Responsible Conduct of Research” in which we take you through these topics and provide ideas on how to become a responsible researcher, who feels empowered by knowledge of integrity. 6 modules will guide you in 7 hours through important topics, including examples, a lecture, expert views and experiences and the opportunity to investigate your own research practice. A certificate will be provided to participants who completed every part.
This course was developed in the H2020 Integrity project by Mariëtte van den Hoven, Miriam van Loon, Hesther van Gulick and Eline Borsboom, and funded by EU H2020.

What you will learn

Introduction to the course on Responsible Conduct of Research
Academic Quality
Social Safety

What’s included